Under the Advanced Building Construction Technology Division AHIMSA is involved in low cost house construction for BPL and economically weaker section of the people. The technology involved is making panels using Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) panels made with Calcined gypsum, glass fibers and chemicals to make them load bearing, water proof, fire proof, corrosion proof, termite proof, earthquake resistant, environmental friendly material. The construction has been accredited by United Nations and World Bank as 100 % green building technology, fire resistant, earthquake resistant and fully eligible for CDM benefits. The rationale for the intervention is to reduce the use of mud and sand required for making bricks and avoidance of firewood for firing the kilns. Under this Division AHIMSA has also collaborated with Japanese based Kankyo Technologies to set up bio mass based cold storage for farm produce at Koyambedu in Chennai.

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