We have already submitted a proposal for providing basic amenities including sanitation all along the Highways. As a first phase, AHIMSA has planned to start with Chennai to Kanniyakumari National Highway in Tamil Nadu for the welfare of the passengers travelling on road covering a distance of 659 Kms. under Public-Private partnership and Corporate Social Responsibility Scheme.

In this regard, AHIMSA has carried out basic survey in this area and submitting it’s proposal for the following activities:

  1. Providing Sanitation facilities to the passengers travelling in Highway. One refreshment centre for every 100 Kms. covering a distance of 50 Kms.on either sides.
  2. Providing mobile units of workshops for repairing two wheeler and four wheeler vehicles covering the same every 100 Kms distance.
  3. Providing Health Care mobile units to attend the sick and to give First Aid to the victims of road accidents at the time of travel till the admission into a Hospital covering the same every 100 Kms. distance..

The expenditure for creating the infrastructures for the above will be met out with the financial assistance from Corporate Social Responsibility Scheme. The extent of land required for each centre for providing the above basic amenities has been assessed as 1.0 Acre to 3.0 Acres. at an interval of every 100 Kms. distance all along the Chennai-Kanniyakumari Highway for an overall distance of 659 Kms. The estimated total number of centres will be around 7 (Seven only).

Apart from this, AHIMSA has planned to execute the following Income Generation Activities for the maintenance of the Project in a successful manner :

  1. Raising of Nurseries for gardening and greening and
  2. Running of Motels to provide food at low cost with hygienic condition.

The Nurseries going to be raised in these Centres will be of much useful in supplying seedlings to the passengers for the home gardens at a lower price. The seedlings and saplings raised here will also be used for planting all along the Highway road sides as avenue trees also. This will also be useful in reducing the adverse effects caused by the emission of Carbon monoxide and Carbon dioxide released by the vehicles running on roads. The proposed Motels in these sites will provide food to the passengers round the clock with hygienic condition at a lower affordable price. Necessary sanction orders are expected from the Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways to proceed with further development works on this proposal for the Scheme aiming to fulfill the basic amenities of the passengers travelling everyday by this Highway.